I am a documentary filmmaker, editor and writer.

On really good days i am also a photographer.

I grew up aspiring to be a Costume Designer in the Hindi Film Industry and for the first 21 years of my life, I followed a set plan to achieve that goal. I was on track, but as time went by I was turning more and more into a seeker rather than a settler. I have always been infinitely curious since I was a child but it was only when I got to the age of 21, I realised that this is all I wanted to do - feed my curiosity every single day.
I began to explore what all I could do to be able to be curious full time by taking a year off and began by studying filmmaking. I home schooled myself - bought a camera, some books and lots of online courses. Attended a film appreciation course, studied cinema and human beings as much as I could. After working on various projects in many capacities as cinematographer, editor, director, and having assisted many greats in each field along the way, I arrived at my current practice which is the world of non fiction and documentary filmmaking - the best way to be curious with a purpose.
My journey culminated in a first milestone of having my short documentary film 'Yadav Ji' get selected to screen at the Jio MAMI Film Festival in 2018 in the Dimensions Mumbai category, and it was awarded the Silver Gateway Award.
My comfort with the camera, my instincts as a conversationalist and an observer are my biggest strengths when it comes to exploring a subject or an environment as deeply as I can.
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